Zuideind was registered by Jan Smit over 20 years ago within the Chamber of Commerce, son of coachbuilder Joop Smit Smit Carrosseriefabriek B.V. from Joure.

After a cautious start to trade in cars-touringcars from a rented shed,  an inventory was made in 1997 of all European bus and coach manufacturers. The choice  fell on the Spanish touringcar builder Noge, and at Busworld in Kortrijk the first sold Noge touringcar in the Netherlands was shown in 1999 .

In order to offer a wider product range Zuideind later acquired the dealership of Indcar a few years later. This also Spanish bodyparts supplies a wide range of midi-touringcars and high quality midi-buses.
In 2009, Zuideind achieved the incorporation of a new company at the Brandemeer in Joure with a new milestone. In this well-appointed property were demo buses, used cars and spare parts service under one roof.
In 2010 Zuideind made their first trip to China to investigate the opportunities offered by China’s tourincar builders. Although the time was not yet ripe, the first contacts were well placed.

Because the demands of the Western European coach operator no longer matched with Noge product capacity, Zuideind then despite the good and pleasant cooperation, stopped with the Noge dealership in 2012. However, inn order to continue to support customers, Zuideind retained the spare parts service of Noge.

The previous contacts with Chinese bus manufacturers resulted in 2015 in the importer of Yutong, the largest bus builder in the world.
Thus the range of the Zuideind is once again complete. Because an adequate after-sales service and close collaboration with suppliers is very important, Zuideind didn’t want to expand their brand further.

In 2016, Zuideind has launched a touringcar and bus repair service in their workshop in Joure. In this workshop, repairs and modifications carried out on all brands of car bodies.